Sandee Winrow Milhouse

I create art because I must. I thrive on the process of seeking and discovering images that compel me to add beauty to the world. Inspiration is all around me: in scripture, in life experiences, in my family, and in all of nature’s bountiful forms. Beauty, composition, color and materials excite me; however it’s not enough for me simply to assemble a pleasing image. I yearn for the amazing timelessness I experience while I’m working. While crafting a new object, my vision and my hands become part of something larger than myself. I am focused, yet I am free.

Quilting is my way of connecting to others. I pour my spirit into each pattern, and my aim is for all who view the finished products to draw their own personal meaning from the collection of colors, textures and images held within the threads. The prayer of my heart is for my quilts to stir your soul and glorify God.